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Men's Brushed Camo Q2X Silicone Ring | Step Edge

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Men's Q2X™ Silicone ring. Brushed Camo. Step Edge.

QALO Ring sizes

  • Refer to the ring sizes chart to check the ring size is correct.
  • Once the ring is engraved, we can not exchange the item.

Personalised Engraving of your QALO silicone ring

  • Choice the ring size.
  • Select inside or outside ring engraving.
  • Choice your font.
  • Type your text (character limits apply).
  • Engraving of rings done in-house (allow 2 - 4 days extra).
  • Collect in store or goods can dispatched straight to you.
  • Contact us for any special requirements and non-English engraving.

General information | Qalo Silicone Rings

QALO Q2X™ Quality Silicone Rings are designed for hardworking hands. Exclusive to QALO, this unique silicone ring is functional for even the dirtiest jobs in the harshest environments. Equally ideal for those who love to explore the outdoors, Q2X™ Material is temperature tolerant, gasoline & oil resistant, and non-conductive, making it functional for even the dirtiest jobs in the harshest environments.

Capable of standing up to more force than other silicone rings. You won’t find another silicone ring this tough anywhere else - our patent on Q2X™ silicone is ours and ours alone.

Specs | QALO Q2X™ Quality Silicone Rings

  • Material: Q2X™ Silicone Material
  • These rings fit true to traditional wedding ring sizes
  • 10x more resistant to gasoline, oil and solvents than traditional silicone*
  • Resistant to automotive and household chemicals**
  • Tensile Strength: 9.95Kgs of force to break
  • Temperature tolerant from -58°C to 300°C
  • Less rigid than traditional silicone
  • Non-Conductive
  • Non-Porous
  • Dimensions: Men's 8.9mm wide, 2.0mm thick
  • Patent Pending

What you get | QALO Q2X™ Quality Silicone Rings

  • The QALO ring in a box.
  • A QALO ring pouch with clip.

*mineral spirits/petroleum ethanol, butoxyethanol, power steering fluid, mineral oil, octane and ethanol.

**brake fluid, hydrochloric acid, ethoxyethanol and vegetable oil

QALO Australia Warranty : One-time replacement, 1 Year.

  • Contact QALO Australia directly for warranty claims.
  • QALO have a one-time, 1-year warranty on all of our QALO silicone rings. This covers any breakage or tear to your purchase. 
  • Warranty covers ring only and does not cover the costs for re-engraving your item.