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Online| Black & White | Oval Ceramic Photo. Various sizes available.

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Ceramic Photo | Oval | Black & White

  • Basic photo retouching provided


Dimensions | Oval Porcelain Plaque

Size options of Oval plaques: 
5 x 7 cm, 6 x 8 cm, 7 x 9 cm, 8 x 10 cm, 9 x 12 cm, 10 x 13 cm, 11 x 15 cm, 13 x 18 cm
Material: Ceramic Porcelain 
Colour: digital reproduction oxide inks
Fixing: Adhesive tape on the back or use brass fixing hooks

Your Image Requirements | Upload or Mail

The scanned image:
The should be scanned in to size and at least 300PDI.
The File Format should be JPG.
When sending, send the original file, do not compress or reduce the file size or resolution.

Upload your image

Please see the upload option when placing your order in the cart. 
Please follow the listed instructions.
If your file is to large to upload please email your digital file directly to us.

Email your photograph

If you have a digital file of your photo and would prefer to email us please do so at: 

Please attach your Order Number and name in the subject line of your email.

Please leave a note to seller when placing your order, in the section provided, to inform us image is being emailed to us.

Mail your photograph
Should you prefer to send us the original image, you can do this and we will send the photograph back to you when we send you your order.
Please notify us by leaving a note to seller when checking out in the cart options, if you send us the photo via mail, so that we confirm when we receive the item.

What is included in the package purchased

1 x Ceramic Memorial Plaque with double sided adhesive backing.

1 x digital retouching of images if required


More information on the plaque material and process

Ceramic monument portraits are made from a porcelain or ceramic tablet in which colour pigments have been baked at over 800°C.

Colours will not fade in any weather conditions.

Our line of tombstone ceramic pictures is available in colour or black and white and they carry a lifetime guarantee against fading.

They come especially in the traditional oval shape and rectangular shape.

The recent development of photo ceramic using digital photographic technology, coupled with new ceramic materials, allow the reproduction of any design, picture and generally anything that can be digitized electronically.

The technology allow the creation of digital reproductions using “ceramic inks” in standard color printers. In normal printers the inks are normally of organic nature, which in our case are substituted with their colours counterpart made with special inorganic patented oxide, specially prepared for this use.

All of our photo-ceramics are kiln-fired at 1500F (800°C) and are U.V. resistant, weatherproof and pollution proof. We are so confident of their enduring quality that our products are guaranteed against breakage, vandalism and deterioration. With the finest porcelain and our stable mineral pigments, we are able to create a product that will last for generations to come.

The memorial portrait is digitally reproduced which will ensure an actual copy of the picture sent in for reproduction. It is understood that the special inks/dyes used in the colour reproduction are subject to very high temperatures in the special kilns used to bake the porcelain, so there are times when certain colours will have a slight variation in hues from the original picture. This is normal when baking a digitally reproduced picture into the porcelain plaque.

Contact us for further information

Should you require further information or to discuss other alternatives, our contact details.