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Engraveable | Sinuous serpents base wrapped around a Lewis Drinking Horn | Royal Selangor.

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Sinuous serpents base wrapped around a Lewis Drinking Horn by Royal Selangor | The British Museum Collection

Sinuous serpents in pewter, taken from a bishop chess piece, coil around a half-pint glass fashioned after that most evocative of the period’s vessels, a drinking horn.

The glass is glued in the pewter serpent. This is one piece.

Unearthed on the Isle of Lewis in 1831, in the wilderness of Scotland’s remote Outer Hebrides, the 12th century Lewis chessmen are exquisitely carved in walrus ivory, and very likely of Scandinavian origin. Of the seventy-eight pieces known today, the British Museum’s collection of sixty-seven is one of its most popular attractions.

About the collection

A project with the British Museum, this collaboration draws on the public institution’s vast collection of over 8 million artefacts, documenting the story of human culture from its earliest days to the present. Each piece is marked with the British Museum logotype.

Optional | Engraving Area


  • Marking method: Direct laser marking. Text only.
  • Engraving area: AS shown above. Engraved size is determined at the time of engraving and may vary form examples shown.
  • Max. lines of text: 1 line. 
  • Material: Pewter & glass. Made in Malaysia.
  • Note: Text may be reduced to fit engraving area.


  • Height: 200mm
  • Width: 65mm dia. (excl. handle)
  • Capacity: 285ml (28.5cL)
  • Packaging: Plain blue box. 
  • Care:

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