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How to pay by Credit Card

5 Step guide how to pay with your credit card

When checking out you have have two options to pay:

  • Pay using a PayPal account
  • Pay using a valid credit card

We use PayPal to handle all our payments as this provides you and us the best possible online security. We do not have or keep any of your banking details.

Steps to follow when paying by credit card

Step 1: View cart

Click on either Checkout or Cart

Confirm your purchase(s) and you can add or remove items to the cart prior to finalising your purchase.


Step 2: Delivery method

You will have two choices

  1. Ship your order
  2. Local pickup at our Adelaide Offices

For shipping, you will be required to fill in your shipping address.

To continue, click Continue to Shipping button.

Step 3: Shipping Method

If you selected shipping, then select your shipping option.

Click Continue to payment to continue

 Step 4: Confirm Billing Address

You have an option to change your billing address.

 Click Complete order to continue

     Step 5: Pay with a Credit Card

    At this stage you can either log into your PayPal account to make a payment


    click on the last button Pay with a Card

    Done. We will get your order on the way to you as soon as possible.

    Still having problems ?

    You are welcome to contact us if you still having problems, however, we are not able to answer any questions related to card or PayPal issues.