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About Us | The team behind our store.

The story behind The Engraving Crew online store.

Organically, the store was called CaneJaniceOnline and in June 2018 we decided to re-brand the store to align it closer to our main business, the Engraving Crew, thus EngravingCrewShopipng was created.
The team remains the same, we hope the experiences and range on offer will reflect the name change.

Engraving Crew Shopping

The store is a live store contentious being updated and modified. New products added and some old products removed.
We have sought out well known brands that are trusted. Zippo lighters, Leatherman Products, Gerber multi tools, Gerber Fishing Tools. Pen and pencil sets. Hip flasks. Water and drink bottles. Food storage container.s

CaneJaneOnline story

CaneJaneOnline is here to bring you fresh and exciting ideas in the world of design and laser engraving.

CaneJane is  a huge tick on my bucket list. 

It’s a concept that’s been inside me wanting to get out. ‘Cane’ represents a renewable, versatile material which is sustainable and continues to evolve into many sectors and applications. ‘Jane’ was the name my Mum affectionately called me when I had done/ suggested/queried something different or off the wall when I was growing up.

Since my partner and I started our engraving company in South Africa in 1997 I have imagined and seen ways to take laser cutting and engraving into areas that haven’t been explored before. When we were planning to move to Adelaide, South Australia to set up ‘The Engraving Crew’, part of the life style change, was to pursue this concept and create a distinctly separate side to our business life. Creativity, clients personal needs of expression, passion for the different and expanding the versatility of our equipment are to be the heart of CaneJane .

To evoke the spark for an occasion, a special moment, an acknowledgement, a fun twist to put your unique magic into it. 

We can incorporate a multitude of materials, styles, themes that will accentuate your expression.

All you have to do is contact us and ignite the project.