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Life Cycle Urns Caring and Filling Information page

Caring for your keepsake jewellery

Your piece of life cycle jewellery has been made using nanotechnology to protect against tarnishing. Occasionally polish with the jewellery cloth supplied. Keep in a box on on its own when not in use. To protect the nano layer DO NOT USE any other polishing creams, a cloth that has silver cleaner on it or submerge in a cleaning solution of any kind.

Avoid contact with perfume, hairspray, soap and make-up. To protect from scratching do not wear with other pendants. DO NOT wear your cremation jewellery on the showe or while swimming.

Filling instructions for your keepsake jewellery

  • Read through the instructions in full prior to starting.
  • Place a piece of paper down on a table to work over to catch any spills.
  • Use the toothpick to feed (guide) a few particles at a time through the funnel into the pendant. A small funnel has bee provided.
  • Alternative: You can use a small piece of paper rolled up to create a funnel.
  • Carefully remove a small amount of the finest ash or other keepsake particles from the container with a spoon.
  • The pendants are designed to hold a few grains only.
  • Replace and close the pendant cap.

Optional: a more permanent seal your piece

A two-part adhesive glue can be used to seal the pendant.
Use only a small amount of glue and apply with the tip of the tooth pick.
Alternative: A jeweller can solder the pendant closed.